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Insulation removal bags for California removal specialist and home owners.

Tough Bags provides California spray foam, pest control and restoration specialists with an insulation bag that is cost effective, low-bulk and extremely durable.

We know what insulation removal is like, and we all know what we don’t want to deal with on the job site.  Dealing with insulation bags that consistently tear and are difficult to transport is not what anyone wants to deal with after working in an attic for 8 hours. After 30 years in the insulation removal industry, we teamed up with local removal experts to develop a removal bag that actually solves a problem in stead of creating one.  Our bag is guaranteed not to rip and helps make loading and unloading of old insulation more efficient, saving time and money for your business.

Insulation Waste Removal Bags
Strongest Removal Vacuum Bag in the Industry
Stackable Insulation vacuum bags