Insulation Vacuum Removal Bags



As low as
$10.95/Removal Bag

Tough Bags Dust Guard Pro black removal bags, the enhanced solution for insulation removal that outperforms traditional standard bags. Crafted with a robust 3.5oz non-woven spun bound material.

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As low as
$8.50/Removal Bag

The Tough Bags +Collar insulation removal bag is essentially the same as our multipurpose bag but with the addition of an 8" diameter collar, making it easier to connect to your insulation removal machine.

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As low as
$8.00/Removal Bag

Our original, multipurpose insulation removal bag. Built and designed for insulation removal professionals.

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$14.99/12 Pairs

12-Pair Tough Bags Nitrile Work Gloves.  These high-quality gloves are designed to provide durability and protection for a wide range of tasks.

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$240/240 Pairs

240 Pairs Tough Bags Nitrile Work Gloves.  13 Gauge nylon core nitrile dipped abrasion resistant work gloves.

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Insulation removal vacuum nags

Tough Bags - Insulation Removal Bags

Tough Bags insulation vacuum removal bags are the strongest and most versatile collection bags in the industry. Tough Bags are capable of holding approximately 84 cubic feet of material that can withstand being jumped on, walked on, kicked and hit to compact the material all without tearing.

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Insulation Batt Removal and Debris Bags

Multipurpose Removal Bags

Tough Bags aren't just for your vacuum. Our removal bags are perfect for batt removal and attic debris, making every job that much easier without purchasing multiple products.

Batt and Debris Removal


Insulation Vacuum Bags Made by Insulation Removal Pros

With two decades of hands on work in the insulation removal business, we understand the importance of removal bag strength. Our 3.5oz Dust Guard Pro material strength is clearly listed on the package, made from the strongest non-woven, breathable polypropylene available in the industry.


Innovating Insulation Vacuum Bags

When you choose Tough Bags insulation vacuum bags, you are supporting the innovation in the development of new products that focus on strength, efficiency, and workflow. We hold a patent and have developed the first woven insulation removal bag in the industry. As competitors attempt to replicate our products, we remain focused on developing the next best vacuum removal bag.


Our Guarantee

We exclusively offer the most robust vacuum removal bags on the market. Our Dust Guard Pro, crafted from the strongest non-woven material at 3.5oz, stands as a testament to durability. While other bags may resemble ours, don't be misled by appearances. Our patented Collar insulation vacuum bag and Multipurpose removal bag come with a no-rip guarantee – or your money back.